Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm back!!

So a lot has been going on, but I have been thinking about blogging again and I sort of miss it. I guess once I find the time, I am so tired I just go to bed. But I will make a point to keep at it.

So for this post, here is a update.

1. Sass is 2 and a half and getting so big. The things this girl says and does amazes me everyday! She is incredibly smart and talented and I know she will grow up to do great things.

2.  On 16 Jun, we welcomed in Sprout! She was 8lbs and 14 oz and 21 inches long. I had her via VBAC and start to finish was 5 hours and 30 minutes and only 21 minutes of pushing. I felt pretty accomplished.

3. With having such an easy pregnancy, minimal weight gain (I looked normal day 2), and an easy delivery, something was bound to give..............Sprout is a TERRIBLE nurser. Put it this way, she will be 7 weeks this Wednesday and we are STILL having problems. I'm hoping the end of the issues is near.

4.  We are in the new house, but have basically had visitors since we got in so, it will be nice when things settle and we can get into a schedule. My family leaves on Wednesday and it will be the first time since Sprout has been born that we have been alone in the house. Though, we had a lot of fun with all the family here, which leads me to point #5.

5.  We've had a lot of family here........:) Its been a great help with Sass since I have been a "slave" to Sprout, her being high needs and all.

6.  I'm getting back into business now that things have started to settle. I have a LOT in store and I'm excited to get started. Dream Weaver Designs will now be more than just scrap kits......I also need to revamp my blog templates...:)

Well, that's the gist of it really. We've been on the go since May when we moved......and now things are about to slow, I cant wait to get started with my crafts!

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