Friday, August 13, 2010

She is getting so big...

Last night I watched old videos of Sass when she was a baby...and I realized a few things..

1. Where did the time go? My little baby is now a big girl. A big girl who can speak in complete sentences, who speaks with her own thoughts and not just copying what she hears. Sleeps in a big girl bed and one who can go potty in a big girl potty. One who can inform me of her likes and dislikes (and she holds nothing back!) A big girl who tells her mommy, "I love you" without me having to say it first, and can promptly tell me if I gave her the wrong thing to drink in her cup. One who is loud and funny and loves to dance and can sing full songs.....

And I realized.....she is no longer a baby..hell, toddler is stretching it, she is a full blow kid.

2.  How much she and her little sis Sprout look alike. Sometimes I swore that was Sprout I was seeing, and not Sass. In fact, it even confused Sass...she would often say, "awww, look at baby sister Sprout" even though it was actually her on the screen.

3.  That I do not have NEARLY as much footage of Sprout as I do Sass....but then again, with a wild child let loose on the house these days, where is the time to constantly be a videographer?

4.  Sass was much more of an independent where her sister is the EXACT opposite. I can never let Sprout down to even capture her on film...since I would be the one filming and all.

5.  I heard myself often explaining to the camera that, "she knows the camera is on her, she stopped what she was doing." and in fact, Sass is STILL like that to this day.

6.  Sass constantly had her hands or SOMETHING in her mouth, yet again, nothing has changed.

In 5 months my little baby will be 3. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. Hard to believe Sprout is already 8 weeks old......Feels like she was just born.....before I know it, I will be blogging about how big she is....

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