Friday, September 3, 2010

New scrap pages is having a wonderful new member give away, 1,200 FREE prints and free photobooks. You just have to pay shipping and handling (which is still a great deal!). So hurry over and sign up, because it does have an expiration date.


I have been scrapping like crazy the last few days, getting some much needed progress on the books I have been planning for the last 2 and a half years. For one of the photobooks (its an 8x8, 20 pages), I decided to do one of Sass's milestones through her first year. So I am making new pages specifically for this book.

As I went along, I started making templates for some of them I have made, I will be putting them up as freebies on my designer blog, so be on the look out for them. Also coming soon to my designer blog, I will be putting up tutorials on digital scrapbooking and Photo Shop how to's. So make sure to follow me so you don't miss out!

I've also been working on a few craft ideas. I will hopefully have them done before long so that I can post them and share!


Sass has been having the worst attitude here lately, she has been acting like a monster.
On Wednesday we went to a playgroup I found on She had a great time, so great that when it was time to go, she showed me just how much she DIDN'T want to leave. Her tantrum came complete with yelling, screaming bloody murder, kicking and thrashing. Yah, quite a lovely scene in front of all the new moms. "Hello....I'm with crazy."

On the way home, I treated her with a happy meal and she got her nuggets, apple slices and her apple juice. She was then a happy camper. It was still early in the day yet and I wanted us to go out and have some fun, so I thought taking her to a bounce house place would be the perfect way to let her get some energy out while having a lot of fun.

And I was right...she LOVED it.........................until we had to leave. So que the same reaction but at a different place, though this one was MUCH worse. Both time I had to pick her up while she was kicking and throwing herself backwards and carry her out of the place.....meanwhile..I also have Sprout strapped on me in the moby.

This little 'tude she has going on also carries over to regular home life. She is going through the "let me do it" phase. Example....She tried to play in the toilet water, I ask her to stop, I get LET ME DO IT at the top of her lungs and carries on even when removed from the situation. She is now doing this to EVERYTHING. Not just helping, I let her help a lot....this is to things she isnt supposed to do.

Today she is under the weather, has a runny nose and isnt feeling real well. It started last night, she woke up crying and upset and came to bed with us, where she continued to wake up and cry every half hour. Needless to say, neither me or hubby slept. Sprout however, slept the WHOLE night. Of course, the night she sleeps to where I could...Sass is awake...................................................she just woke up again.........Be back later...

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