Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ugh...have you seen that show?? My goodness....the one tonight was particularly bad. The lady was living in actual feces 3 feet high, shows like that make me want to clean my house....

And do you ever notice in those shows there is always a random wooden kitchen chair just thrown in the pile in at least one of the rooms? No? I bet you will now when you view those shows...I don't know if it's criteria to be a hoarder to have a chair thrown on a 4 foot pile or what, but they all sure do have one!

Anywho....I'm exhausted...this 4 hours of sleep a night isnt cutting it, and it's not all Sprout's fault. I stay up entirely too late working on my scrap kits and other crafts, since it is the only time I have to do such things. Then I get to bed pretty much in time for her to eat. Once we get back to sleep, its only about 2 hours until my other daughter gets up and demands to go downstairs.

I am going to attempt to go to bed now, but Sprout is sleeping in her swing, and I do not dare attempt to put her in bed, because if I fail and she wakes, I have to feed her, and then she will no doubt go number 2 and its much longer till I get some sleep. So it looks like it is the couch for me again...*sigh*

Well anyway, I am hitting a creative road block for my kit, I am trying to go in too many different directions and I cant make up my mind. Well, I suppose I will sleep on it, I am so exhausted, I think I am going to turn in now. I know, pointless post, but I am trying to update this as much as possible. With everything I am doing, sometimes blogging about things get pushed way down. I am going to really try and make an effort to update about more interesting things. Well....as interesting as they can be in my relatively uninteresting life.

Here is something exciting...the oreo cheesecake blizzard at Dairy Queen is AAAAHH-mazing. Mmmmmm I could actually hear myself getting fatter.

Ok, off to the couch I go!

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Hi there!
I saw that you were a fellow blog award recipient. Just wanted to stop by your site and say hi!