Thursday, September 9, 2010

Too many irons... my fire.....I seem to have the desire to start up and do a lot of things, but because of the mass amount of projects, inevitably, none of it gets done fully. To top it off, almost daily I add to my list of things I want to do, or try to learn...well my friends, I have just done it again. I have decided I want to read more, like I used to, but then stopped due to other things coming up.

So far these things, outside of taking care of my girls and cleaning house and ensuring they have active learning enriched lives, I have going on during my "me" time-

-Another digi scrap kit, Floral reef. I make most of the things by hand in PS so, thats time consuming.
-Scrap pages for my daughters' books
-bow holders
-wall letters
-trying to keep up with my blog
-my photography
-and I got the bright idea that I need to pay another visit to my habitat for humanity restore warehouse (this spells trouble if anything there interests me)
-decorating the house
-still unpacking and trying to organize the garage (this one has been put WAY down on the list. :) )
-making a tutorial on scrapping
-trying to learn HOW I can sell my kits better

and honestly, the list goes on.....why cant there be more hours in my day?? :(

So yah, I was looking at other blogs and ran across a book reading thing......................I am still trying to finish Eat, Pray, Love (which is a great book by the way), and now I want to add more to the list. *sigh*

I blame being a Gemini...I really do. We are fickled beings and can never finish a project because something else shiny catches our eye and we set down what we are doing and jump on Mr. Toad's wild ride.

I am still grasping on to the hope that one day I will finish something entirely that I sought out to do...until then!

So that there is color to this post, here are the pages I am working on for Sass's Milestone 8x8 book. (which by the way I didnt meet the deadline for one of them, so now instead of 2 free books, I get one...again...because something shiny caught my eye....)

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Elsie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I totally know what you mean. I constantly have too many project going and none that get finished. So frustrating. Or I stay up way to late at night working on stuff! Good luck!