Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vampire Diaries night!

YAH! Tonight is an all new Vampire Diaries, who else is going to be watching? I wasnt't sure if I would really like this series when it first came on, but I gave it a chance and I am a fan. I made some icons for my page.

I would also be watching Supernatural if they didn't change them to Friday's! GAH, who wants to watch Nikita? Not I! So now I must wait another day to watch the boys, I am really excited for the season premier!


Michelle said...

I'm a Twilight and True Blood girl but I've never watched VD> What am I misssing?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Michelle said...

No I totally didn't connectt he dots on that one. It always messes me up when someone has more than one blog. I can never keep track.

I will look in VD. Not sure why I haven't. I've gone off the deep end with Twilight. The last thing I need is one more obsession, oh well. That's why I havea DVR.


Michelle said...

It took me forever to watch TB because I found Bill so unattractive and short. Thank God for Eric!

It is my plan to photograph and blog my whole trip. I'm taking a location bus tour with catherine Hardwicke so I don't know what to expect. Should be fun.