Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halloween early

First off, I slept till 1pm today, I can not tell you how awesome that felt! However, my whole day was shot.

So I got up, got the kids bathed and we took some much needed stuff to goodwill. It cleaned out quite a bit of space from our garage that we have been slowly cleaning out. I am hoping to have a Halloween party this year, and it would be nice to have it in the garage so I dont have a bunch of people and kids running crazy in my house. :) The plan is to have everyone dress up and we can take the kids trick or treating though my huge community. I never get a chance to go places on Halloween because I have kids, so I am hoping to bring the part to me! Now.....what will I be??

Hubby had the day off today, so when we decided to go a few towns over to the goodwill, we didnt put in account that not everyone had the day off and we would end up stuck is rush hour traffic, which all the traffic is coming from DC and it is NOT fun to be stuck in. Especially with kids, so we thought we'd kill some time.

I wanted to stop by the restore to see if there was a desk there I could use for my crafts, I found one I might want but I wasnt 100% so I didnt get it. I did get 2 patio chairs and an unfinished wood shelf I want to finish and hang in the foyer. Yet another craft I added to my pile...I really think I have a problem. :) But shhhh.....let's just keep that between us.

I have to say, bless my hubby's heart, because even though he may think about all these craft things building up and....not getting finished, he doesn't say anything.

We decided to eat at Ruby Tuesday's today and let me say, GOOD PLAN! Man I love their salad bar. I can feed my kid super cheap (as she usually is allowed to eat off mine). I do ask first. :) So I got the turkey minis with the endless salad bar and Sass ate off it too. I am so thankful she loves fruits and veggies. I loaded her plate with green peppers, tomatoes, grapes, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots and that SO good ham with pea pasta stuff. Mmmm Mmmmm Good. I had the same but with lettuce and french dressing and cottage cheese.

Traffic was still bad after we were done eating so what is a way to pass time?? Going to Walmart of course. It was actually inspired because I spilled half of Sprout's bottle at Ruby's and that was all we had, so we had to go get her some food because there is no way we'd make it all the way home on a half full belly.

While there (and she slept the whole time thankfully) we walked over to the Halloween section and I saw the CUTEST elephant infant costume and I had to get it for Eve. I was wanting to do the whole Dorothy and toto thing since I didnt get to with Sass, but the dog costumes just werent that cute, so elephant it is.

Sass saw and Ariel outfit and decided she wanted to be that for halloween but she changed her mind a million times. She told me to put it back when she saw a pink fairy outfit. So I put back Ariel and got her the pink fairy costume. Then she saw a blue one, so I put back the pink and got the blue, then she said she didnt want it either...*sigh*. I turn around and saw some cute skirts that had matching wings so I asked her if she wanted this fairy outfit. Perhaps she agreed since she could see the wings (as the other costume it was wrapped in a bag and couldnt see them). So she agreed, she will be a fairy and I got her some cute accessories for it too. So now she is going to be a pink leopard fairy, whatever the heck that is. ;)

Hubby and I looked for costumes too, why are they so expensive?? I mean they are made up of the cheapest material ever and they charge you like, 40+ dollars for it! Money scams I swear! So I will have to shop around for my outfit, I want to look really cool this year, have no idea no what I will be. I dont want to be Dorothy now that I dont have a toto, which was the whole reason of being her in the first place. Carrying around a blue elephant in a basket just isnt the same. :)

So alas, here are my girls trying on their costumes. I have the cutest leopard fairy and blue elephant on the block!


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