Thursday, September 23, 2010

How cool?

I finally get a chance to get into bed early, yes, 11:30PM is considered early for me these days, I find that is the only time I can get things done is when the house is quiet and I don't have anyone to care for, except myself.....:) But I decided to bring my iPhone with me into bed and I thought it would be a good idea to set up my phone to post on here and what do I see? That 3 days ago I was awarded a lovely blog award from Sherlyn!! YAH!! I am super excited about that, thank you!!

In other news, I have been MIA the last couple days because I decided to really get started with my photography business. I have been working on designing my logo, getting a few sessions set up, finding wonderful props, working on my marketing package and going location scouting!

So this is what I came up with for my logo so far.

I have been on the lookout for awesome props and I lucked out with some very nice pieces. I got a little wood rocking horse, a larger one I am still waiting to pick up, a wooden kids chair, a wooden bed for newborns, an antique wicker baby carriage, a flowered hat, wire birdcage, and a tulle dress. I have my eye on a white wicker rocker chair, I have gone by the antique place several times wondering about the price, but apparently the lady who works there is trying to find out?? Either way, I want it for Sprout's 3 month photo shoot, and as you may know, she turned 3 months on the 16th so...time is ticking. I may have to think of another shoot.

All my great ideas have been coming to me in dreams lately, it seems like when I am wake, I have nothing, I go to sleep and I am flooded with ideas. I even decorated out bedroom from a dream, next day I went out and bought things to accomplish what I saw. Same thing for decorating our new living room, certain shoots I wanted to do and even my photography logo came to me in a dream. Since I only get about 4 hours of sleep at night, those are very productive 4 hours! Hell, I think I get more done in my sleep than I do when I am awake haha.

Well, since I WAS in bed, but could not let that award go unthanked much longer and I got to my computer to post it, I am going back. I am sure Sprout will wake soon, and give me little sleep again, but hey, can't last forever right? Until next time, and thanks again for my lovely award!

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