Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sass and Sprout Updates!

Lets start with my oldest baby girl...where do I begin? She will be 3 years old in 5 days. This just blows my mind...just seems so soon, but boy has she changed. She is the sweetest little girl, very loving and cuddly and she sure does love her mama!
Her tantrums here lately sure are a force to be reckoned with. She is also practicing her skills of not listening and getting into things she isnt supposed to, she is your typical three year old for sure. Here are a few things about her.

-Potty trained! WOO! She has been for a few months now, but now she is really good at getting up in the middle of the night to go, she rarely has nightly accidents.

-Loves to dance..she is always dancing and wants to wear skirts so she can "dance better" as she says.

-VERY hyper, she is go go go go go go go

-Loves to sing songs, Old MacDonald still being one of her favorites, something that stuck with her since she was an infant. She loves to sing along with the songs and is very good at it too. She can even sing whole songs on her own, and even make up new songs with the tunes of familiar ones.

-Is awesome at Dance Central for the Kinect on Xbox 360!

-Is a wonderful big sister. She loves her so much and likes to play with her, she likes to keep her safe and takes things away from her...sometimes even her own toys.

-Is very whinny if she doesn't get her way, she cries a lot and throws fits.

-Loves the snow and playing outside, loves to run and jump and yell, "ECHO!"

-Very smart, she knows her ABCs (not just the song), the sounds they make (most of them), how to count, her colors, shapes (and even some hard ones!) can put things in order smallest to biggest and reverse, can stack in order of size, learning to write letters, can work the TV and DVD player all by herself, knows a TON of things, so much I cant even recall it all.

-Says some very funny things, today she told me my fabric on my craft table was, "Nifty" and that she wanted, "Magic Beans" for Christmas.

-Very into the disney princesses still. Ariel and Belle being her favorite.

-Finally sitting forward facing because she hit the weight requirement for RFing in October.

-Is a picker, she picks scabs, hang nails and her dry lips causing her to bleed.

-Calls band-aids, rubber band aids, same thing for actual rubber bands.

-Is very helpful with her sister.

-Loves to scream, she is very very loud.

-Getting to be very independent.

-Loves baths and getting her teeth brushed. She likes to do it herself.

-TV shows-Curious George, Team umizoomie, Mickey club house, little einsteins, Dora *sigh*, Go Diego Go and Spongebob (much to my protest....thats all hubby). Oh and Simpsons....same as the last cartoon....hubby.

-Has an amazing memory, it's like she never forgets.

-Always says, "There's Daddy!" on a beach commercial she sees on WETA kids. Every time...

-Is really tall. She wears about a 4-5T in pants...most 4's are too small.

-Lost her oral fixation around the time Sprout came into this world...thankfully.

-Doesn't tear things up as much, though she still does occasionally. I feel a little more comfortable leaving her alone with books. She loves her Tag Reader System and does real well with it.


My Sprout, my sweet little baby who is growing up so fast! She will be 7 months in 3 days, this I just can not believe. She is just so big already. She is the sweetest baby and she loves her mommy too. She is very cuddly and wants me to hold her all the time. She loves being rocked to sleep and snuggle. Here are some things about her.

-(need to check her weight and height)

-In 3 diaper

-Drinks 6 oz every 3 hours or so.

-Starting on solids. She has had oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas. She LOVES food, I can't put it in her mouth fast enough. We are going slow with foods. I still break up her puffs, but she doesn't eat a lot of them. She is actually a pretty clean eater, barely gets it all over. She slaps her hand when she wants more...if you dont respond to that then she starts kicking and makes a grunting noise.

-Is pulling up on toys and in her crib

-Crawls real fast and everywhere!

-Today she signed the word milk for real! I saw her do it yesterday but I thought it was just something she was doing, today she did it again in context, her first sign!

-Says mamamamaa and bababaa

-Gets up on her feet and hands, soon she will be bear crawling...or not. But she gets in the position.

-Sleeps in her crib now, sometimes she still sleeps in the swing, but is getting good at being in her crib.

-Sleeping for long periods of time, sometimes she goes through phases where she wakes up to eat at least once in the middle of the night, but in the last few days, she sleeps all the way through. From around 8-9 till 7-8

-Wears between 6-9 month clothes

-Her hair is getting long and sticks out by her ears, her hair is a light brown. Except by where her bald spot was, it grew back blond.

-Is teething, but nothing has poked through yet. She likes teething tablets.

-Doesn't have such an oral fixation like Sass did. She doesn't put a lot in her mouth.

-Likes baths

-Loves playing with her sissy and always has the biggest smile on her face when she sees her.

-Is still pretty quiet, she is "talking" a lot more these days, but is still quieter than her sister at this age. Also doesn't laugh nearly as much, you have to do things to make her laugh, she doesn't do it much on her own.

-Can hold a ball in one hand, pass things back and forth and plays with her toys.

-Is a fast learner, she is really smart.

-Holds her own bottle.

-She watches a lot, she is my little quiet observer.

Well that is all for now, there is more, but I need to get going. Hope you enjoyed the read!

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