Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 11, 30 day shred

Being Day 11, that means today was day 1 of Level 2, and let me just tell you.....OUCH! "She is a crazy woman!" I can't tell you how often I said that to myself during those 20 minutes, but it was a few I can say that!

So Level 1 is a good entry level, and then this one just kicks it into high gear, I actually had to stop a couple times (no longer than 5 seconds, as she told me). Let's just say though, after I was done...I felt great! If I saw results from 10 days on level 1, I can not WAIT to see what level 2 gets me in another 9 days!

I could write more, but I am spent..I am SO tired, I am turning in early. Not to mention I have to get up early too and do this brutal workout before I have to go to the college. So.....until tomorrow...

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