Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last day

Ugh, I still feel like poo.....I even had to get up in the middle of the night and make me some theraflu. I am thankful the girls have been good sleepers the last few nights, they dont feel so grand either.

I am not sure if I mentioned, but I was having a problem with my laptop with the USB telling me it was malfunctioned and it wouldn't install any drivers and was making the connect and disconnect sound over and over and I couldn't use any mouse, corded or blue tooth and it was making me so mad. I backed up everything, getting ready to do a clean wipe and reinstall my OS after all the troubleshooting failed to work. I didn't like this, hated the idea of having to reinstall all my programs, fonts, things for PS...ugh...nightmare. And heaven for bid if I forgot something and it was gone I decided to forum search one last time...and found a person experiencing the SAME thing as me....his solution? Kill the power supply, wait a couple minutes and restart. Simple right? Almost 2 simple. My husband knows a lot about computers and has been fixing them for some time, and it was his final solution to just wipe and reinstall. I told him what I was attempting to do and he told me not to hold my breath, but I thought...what do I have to lose? And it freaking WORKED!!! It worked! All fixed. The bluetooth was back, the port was back, the sound was was beautiful! I still cant believe it worked! I was really having issues that I was going to have to go mouseless for a month and rely on the mousepad on the laptop for things, and I really HATE that thing. I cant edit worth crap with that! So thankful!

Reason I said I'd be a month is because my hubby will be gone for 5 weeks starting tomorrow. It will just be me and the girls..:( BUT, I plan on losing the rest of this weight in that span and him come home to an all new me!

I have the Kinect with Dance Central and the Fitness game Your Shape, and I plan on using that and doing other programs to get my butt in gear! So...wish me luck!

I have a killer headache and feel so crappy, I am calling it a night. Lame post I know, but hey..I posted! I also took a pic today for day too, but feel so icky, I dont feel like going through the mess of uploading and all that! So goodnight world!

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