Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tasty Tuesday's

I'm a little late on this, hahaa oops! But I was out all day. I meant to get it done before I left, but managing my two cuties, you can see how I got side tracked.

Anywho...as most of you who read this blog, I am on a lifestyle change. I am working out an hour every day and I am eating way more healthy. So for this week's tasty Tuesday, I am presenting my mega salad!

Included is
Spring mix lettuces and baby spinach
Green Pepper
Green Beans
a little bit of cheese
Turkey Pepperoni minis (just a bit)
Deli turkey
and McCormicks Salad Toppins.

Topped off with Wegmans brand dressing that is fat free, low on sugar and only 40 cals per 2 TBS. :) So here you have it, I eat this almost every day. I mix it up a bit some days I have carrots in there too, boiled egg or a different deli meat. Mmmm!

Follow along on Tuesdays! Anyone can join!


Michelle Nichelson Photography said...

I really need to make salad more often. It's just when I do, I'm the only one that eats it, but now that I'm eating more healthy, I could see myself eating a huge bowl of salad in one day... Yum!

Leigh Ann Hines said...

Looks good. I like salad but I get lazy. When I orewash and prep my greens and put them in a container in the fridge I'm more likely to make salad.