Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 7, 30 day shred

3 more days till I start level 2, and let me tell you, I am not all that excited about it. Sure I can stay level 1, but it is getting boring doing the same thing everyday and my muscles need  mix up! So I plan on doing each level for 10 days.

I am noticing, even though I am more efficient at the workouts, and I push myself harder, it isnt really all that "easier" of a workout. I don't make it through without the burn, the curse words and the sweat and sheer exhaustion when I am done. So that actually make me happy.

I woke up so thirsty this morning! I only drank 9 cups of water yesterday when I usually have 12, and I could tell a difference!

I am not sure if I mentioned here in the blog, but every few days I treat myself to one chocolate truffle my hubby bought me for Christmas, and I decided to have one of those last night, but I tell you what, it didn't make me feel real well. I actually regretted it afterward. Not because it sabotaged me or made me go over my cals, in fact, I allowed in my cals to have it. I just didn't...want it. Wish I didn't eat it. Again, another good sign my body is appreciating what I am doing for it!

I have been eating really healthy and drink nothing but skim milk with my workout shake and water through the day, no more pop (I am not sure if I would even enjoy one at this point...since the chocolate incident). I am feeling better, have more energy and less sluggish. I am able to wake up in the mornings and get the day going, instead of napping and lying around the house.

I have a real problem with stepping on the scale...I suppose you can even call me an addict haaha, a scale stepping addict, but I let the curiosity get the best of me. I don't get discouraged by looking at the scale, even if it stays the same or even goes up because I can see in the mirror the difference, I can feel a difference and I know the measurements show a different story, but if you get discouraged with a steady weight, I don't recommend scaling often!

But I stepped on it today and it read....137.4. YAAAAAH! That is almost a pound difference from yesterday when I weighed in at 138.0.  Now, it is not water weight because I have been doing this for a while, drinking upward of 12 cups a day so, the water weight is gone, I already lost it.

When my hubby left on the 9th, I weighed 143, I now am 6lbs lighter and that alone makes me smile. Not to mention the inches lost. I am so glad I stopped being lazy, bit the bullet and just DID IT! You have nothing to lose but fat and inches, and as gimmicky as that sounds...its true! For 27 minutes a day (that include warm up and cool down) you get big results, can't get too much easier than that! Yes the workout is hard, but its not undoable, Jillian is a pretty good motivator and she is easy to follow. Her instructions are clear and she talks you through it. I tried looking at exercises on Fios on Demand last night and I had to turn several of them off due to the trainer....lucky, the 30DS isnt like that.

So go to Walmart, Target or Amazon or somewhere, spend the 10.00 or less for the DVD and get some 2-3 lb hand weights and you are all set! If you have any results or stories to share of your own, I'd love to hear it!

Day 10 I will be taking more pics, and do an official weigh in and do my measurements. I can't wait!

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