Monday, January 31, 2011

She's some kind of screamable.....

Sometimes I think I would now how it was living in the Mesozoic Era, because I swear I live in the same house as a Pterodactyl.

My poor Sproutie pants is teething something awful, and it must be a bad one. It doesn't seem as if she shares my high tolerance to pain level, that is for sure. It is all or nothing for her, and she will let out this BLOOD curling scream, pretty much like someone is driving a knife through her gums.....oh wait....that is pretty much what is happening.

Not only does she scream VERY loudly (we are all loud, I am loud, my oldest is loud, my youngest is no exception in that department), but she is very sensitive right now and I can not be out of her sight for even a second (not exaggerating here people) because the screaming will ensue. She must be held AT ALL TIME. The moment she thinks she is going to the floor, it starts again. Her arms fly up in the air (the universal sign of pick me up NOW), and if for some reason I walk past her in this state, she follows me and just screams and cries. I really need to attach a video, because I am not kidding how crazy this is. Anywho, she is awake from her nap now I hear so.....I'm off...

Teeth, please cut amount of teething tablets, cold rags, teething toys or orajel can contain this screaming. I'd like my baby back please..:) Thanks. And most importantly, I don't want her in pain either....yes the screaming is trying, but her in pain is even worse. :(

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