Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 3 CP, New challenge

I have to admit that I was kinda feeling bad about not finishing up the last week of the Shred exclusively, because today my schedule said it was time for No More Trouble Zones (NMTZ), but that quickly went away as I started doing it. Basically, this workout is like Level 3 of 30DS supercharged! Has some of the same moves that really made me sore and then some. This was a pretty challenging workout. It has 6 circuits, not including the warm up circuit. So if you are going straight from the shred to this (and no double ups on levels like I was doing), this may take it out of you since there are 6 circuits instead of 3. But it makes you WORK. It gave me a great workout, I feel it mixed it up enough for my muscles to keep going and so I dont hit a plateau and give me that boost I need to have even more change before hubby gets home.

After I completed NMTZ, I went and did the Leslie Sansone 2 miles intermediate walk. So I had about 1hr and 30 minutes pretty intense cardio and strength workout. About 800 cals according to my HR monitor. Not bad I say!

I am still going to take pics at the 30 day mark, even if I cut the Shred challenge a little short .

So if you are thinking of doing the 30 day shred..DO IT. If you are just beginning, you dont have to double up like I have been will still get results. If anything, it will make you stronger, healthier and have more endurance. I have had a higher level of fitness before in my life, so it didnt take me long to move up to doubling the levels and doing additional cardio afterward. So if you are following along, remember my results are not strictly from doing 27 minutes a day of 1 level of the shred. Though you can get results that way, mine are from the additional things I have been doing and my diet.

I want to say that, if you are aiming to do this to lose weight, you HAVE to have a healthier diet. I am not talking a fad diet either. Do not starve yourself, if you are working out your muscles like this, you NEED to eat, and that includes carbs. Just make smart choices and eat complex carbs over simple. Eat lean meats, a lot of veggies and limit or cut our completely your bad processed foods. Lower your sodium if you eat too much, have treats in moderation, up your water intake, and stop with the fast foods! Once in a while I am sure will not sabotage your efforts too bad, but you will have to change your lifestyle with food if its not all that great to gets some nice results. :) So happy shredding my friends....I cant wait to check my measurements again in a week.

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