Monday, January 24, 2011

Da 17, 30 Day Shred

Woot! Can I just say that I am so excited it is day 17?? 17 out of 30 means not too much longer now! Not only that, that means hubby will be here soon! WOO!

Today I did Level 2 followed by Level 1 and then Leslie Sansone's walk and tone (I didnt like this much because she full on stops to do dumbbells. After just doing the shred I didnt like it or need it, so I continued walking). So the walk I put on my 1.5lbs ankle weights and for the rest of the day I could FEEL that I worked them out! I am thinking I will wear them again today!

I was out a lot yesterday so I suffered with my water intake and had to try and drink it when I got home, I think I went to bed with only 9 cups. Better than nothing, but I needed my 12 to feel the best.

I was doing my crafts last night and I was SO sleepy come 11pm I had to go to bed! I used to stay up till around 3, but no way can I do that now with working out, makes me too sleepy!

I also forgot to bring a protein meal bar with and I was SO hungry. I avoided stopping to get fast food though and that made me feel strong. Once I got home I hurry and at a corn tortilla while I made dinner. I didnt want to eat something big, but I knew I needed a carb before I passed out. At least it is a complex carb. ;)

3 more days!!

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Mic's Weight Loss Journey said...

Good for you for resisting Fast Food! =D

I wish I had the time of day to double up on my levels. I really feel like I could use it/do it!