Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 3, 30 day shred

I was feeling the workout from yesterday on my muscles again this morning, and even though yesterday I was all excited to do the workout today, I did have a fleeting thought that, maybe I can skip today. After all I am kinda tired and a little sore. But luckily I snapped out of that way of thinking, those are the thoughts that bring you down! Those are the thoughts that keep me weighing and looking the way I don't want to. Thoughts like that don't give you the results you want. All those thoughts do is make you wish you looked and felt a certain way.

I know that soon I will be feeling really good, I will be healthy, I will have energy, and I will look forward and WANT to exercise and be upset if something comes up to where I can't. (I have made it to that point before).

So today I did day 3 of the shred, still on level 1, and it wasn't as hard as it was yesterday, I noticed I was able to keep going and give it more than I have the last two days. It  I am aiming to do more of the "Natalie" exercises and to keep going.

I have to say that I like the amount of time in between the exercises, I even look forward to the next one so that I can stop the current one because it does work you! I yell at them when they say do you feel it? "YES" I pant pack as I give it everything I have.

I am proud of myself that I haven't slacked on the exercises, she tells me everyday, you cant get results in 20 minutes if you rest or don't give it your all...and that's true.

I am feeling it in my legs, after my workout I had to hold on to the rail as I went and let my dog outside, I live in a tri level home and I feel the burn every tim e I go up and down the stairs, which I make several trips daily.

So day 3 is done....I feel great that I did it, my muscles hurt so I know I am doing something, and I am excited to see the results.

Day 1-I did it pretty well, thinking it isn't too hard, its short and I can stick with it. I did this one without weights.

Day 2-Harder than day 1, I could feel my muscles burning, I am thinking me drinking those shakes post workout really help to where I am not so sore I can't move and makes me not want to work out. I can feel the burn pretty bad, and I am sure it would be worse if I wasn't drinking the shakes. (BTW, I am drinking this, whey protein).

Day 3-Easier than day 2, but still made me work for it, that's for sure. Though I am able to do the exercises better than before.

I bought Making the Cut by Jillian Michaels a couple years ago when I had much more to loose after my first daughter, but I never did anything with it. It just stayed on the shelf. Now that I am more motivated, I am going to go though it again, use some of the meal plans, and start doing some of the routines in there too for an added workout. I may just add it after I do the 20 minutes of the Shred, but not so much I hurt myself. But I do want to do some additional exercising.

And last but not least....*long sigh* as much as I do NOT want to do this, here are my before embarrassing...but I am hoping now that they are out there...I have to keep at it to make that not my body anymore!

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