Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's that number again?

136.4 is the number of the day! This is the lowest weight I have been since having my little Sproutie pants, and I have to say I am very glad to see it past 137! I have been at 137/138 for WEEKS. I am thinking kicking it up with more cardio is helping shred the fat. The 30DS is doing wonders for my muscles, my strength, my endurance, but if it is doing much for the fat content on my body, I don't see it. Well...that's a lie, I can see I am smaller, but should I say, it isnt enough cardio for me to really shred that fat!

So since Day 14 of the 30 DS, I have been changing up the workouts, first I started adding in another level, then a couple days after that, I added in some additional cardio.

I am now on day 22 of the 30DS, Day 2 of Level 3 and I am feeling pretty good. I have close to 2 more weeks till hubby gets home so I am going to give it my all!!

I can see I have some pretty sweet ab muscles already under there, but this layer of fat still hides it. I can see them when I am working out, my muscles are getting some nice definition, I am getting lines but this fat is killing the look! Another reason I am boosting the cardio.

So here is what I did today..

30DS Level 3
Leslie Sansone 2 mile intermediate walk
then I danced for 20 minutes. And I am not talking like side stepping, I was dancing! My thighs were burning, my abs were burning, I definitely got another good cardio workout with some muscle work.

Even though I technically am still doing the 30DS for the next 2 days (well, today and tomorrow), I am still kinda doing the 30 day shred challenge, but I am also on Day 1 of the Jillian Michaels Program Challenge. I just did level 3 instead of Level 1 since I am already there and all. :)

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