Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sass's Third B-day

I really think I feel this way every year since she was born, but I just can't believe my little girl is 3 years old today. Then-Now- She is such a little character and I just love her to bits. She has been waiting on this day for a long time, I think she would mention at least once daily about going to Olive Garden (yes, she picked to eat there for her B-day) and her Ariel cake.

This morning she woke up so happy, when we woke up she came to my room and when I told her Happy Birthday her little face lit up and she was so happy and said, "YAAAH! It's my birthday!" Bless her heart she is so precious. She even let me sing her Happy Birthday without crying. :)

Today was planned to go differently than what really happened. I had to go the college this morning and she was going to go play at her friends house while I was gone, but we woke up to ice covered everything and it wasn't safe to drive out there. Though it sure was pretty.

So around 1 or so is when we went to Olive Garden, it is about a mile from the house and as we were up to it, Sass got so excited and yelled, "There is Olive Garden, YAAAY, we made it!" What can I say, it's my child...and we love us some Olive Garden!

Sass got lucky, I ordered her a water, and she told the waiter she wanted lemonade, which is Sass speak for, water with a lemon in it. I tried to explain that to him, but he brought out a water AND lemonade....*sigh* but I let her have it anyway since it is her B-day after all. And she enjoyed it, though I have to admit, it made me smile when she drank more of her water, than lemonade. Another cool thing? He didn't charge us for it...but then he also didn't bring us chocolate mints...I am glad though (even though Sass asked for the chocolates...she has an awesome memory) because if they were there, I would have eaten them. I have no willpower when it comes to food most days. That is why I just dont bring it into the house, I cant eat it.

I got Sass the grilled chicken, pasta and broccoli kids meal, the most expensive, but also the healthiest...go figure right? It was part of their "low fat" options. The lunch menu didn't have much to offer with that for my meal that actually sounded appetizing, so I got this shrimp with roma tomatoes with angel hair pasta, I just didn't eat much of it and allowed myself 1 bread stick (I usually eat a basket and a half, dipped in ranch to boot!) And I ordered the salad with no dressing and had the low fat italian on the side and just drizzled it. Had water, so I think I did pretty well considering. Sass gobbled up her pasta...she is a carb lover.

I was going to call her a carbaholic...but ever since some comedian made fun of things ending that way, I can't now write it and not think about it. I think it went something like this....Why do people say they are chocoholics? What is a Chocohol? LOL...so yah, ruined that for me for life...thanks guy!

After OG we went to Wally World to pick up stuff for me like protein meal bars, protein powder, dishwasher soap and a heart rate monitor watch, but most importantly, Sass's Ariel cake. She was so excited, she fell asleep on the way home...

They did an awesome job with it I think, it was much more elaborate than the display sample I saw, and for $5.95, not bad at all!

Sass just LOVED it...but then again, it had an inch thick layer of frosting, how could she not? I assume there was actual cake in there somewhere, though it was hard to see. She had a nice bit of it before I put it in the fridge. Hell, I became diabetic just looking at it....but it was very pretty.

Sass also got to pick out a toy, we got the LeapFrog tracing letter thingamabob. She is really into spelling and stuff now, and this will help her write her letters and shapes in a fun way. I like educational toys the best, she seems to play with those more than her dolls and stuff. She plays with her TAG reader every day and is getting rewards for answering things right, she is my smart girl. At OG, I wrote her name and before I had time to say anything she yells, "That says SASS!" insert her name there. :)

So today ended up being a pretty good day. She can't wait for her B-day party when hubby gets back in February. Her big gift she'll get in June when its Sprout's B-day, kinda like a big sister gift. Well, I have one more blog to do tonight so, I am off...

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