Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 19, 30 Day Shred

Oh my goodness!!! Someone hit me with the tired and lazy stick, and they beat me good!

I really didn't want to do anything at all today, I wanted to sit and be lazy....1 hour seemed like a LONG time to work out...I just wasnt feeling it.But today is day 19, if I didn't do it today, tomorrow would be 19 and that means I wouldnt be on my LAST day of level 2 tomorrow, and that also would mean I couldnt do my pics! So...with that looming over me...I got up and turned on Level 2.

I did it, I gave it my all, but I was NOT feeling it still. I didn't feel motivated and I just knew I wouldnt do Level 1..........and I was right. I didn't do Level 1, I went straight to doing the Cardio Slimdown. After that, I knew I wanted to do at least an hour, so while jogging in place I looked at some other videos on demand.

First one was this guy, with these two way too overacting ladies behind him, making such exaggerated faces...that I just couldn't watch. So I went to a Jane Austin one...put it on, and the work out was good, BUT, I CAN NOT GET OVER HER VOICE!! It was driving me crazy the way she speaks!! Please tell me she doesnt have this real soft but throaty voice in all her DVDs. I would be MAD! I had to put it on mute and just go by what I saw...but I could only take so much of that I turned it off.

I then went off memory, I started doing a bunch of cardio moves I know from the bazillion videos I have seen in my life, some workouts I used to do in the Army, and when I was done, let me tell you....I was sweating bad, my face was beat red...I WORKED OUT!

So today, the day I didn't feel like doing crap...I ended up doing far more cardio than usual and burned burned burned those calories! WOO

Tomorrow is Day 20 and the last day of Level 2!! Bring it on Level 3!!

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Mic's Weight Loss Journey said...

I am jealous of how much you can do in a day!!! You go girl! =D