Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 16, 30 Day Shred

Almost there!! To level 3 that is, 4 more days until I bump up to the next level!

I was not motivated at all this morning to work out....but like every morning I feel that way, I just do it anyway!

I started out with Level 2 30 day shred-310 cals
Level 1 30 day shred-290 cals
Leslie Sansone cardio slim down (1 mile walk)-286 cals.

Totaling to 1 hour and 9 minutes of working out burning 886 calories! WOO! What a way to start the day!

I think my favorite exercise still in in level 1 where you squat down, hold in your core and do punches across your body, I just feel it EVERYWHERE when I do that exercise.

I have to slightly modify the lunges because I got a pretty bad right knee from a 4 wheeling accident back in the day and also being in the military and all we do there that aggravates it. So I need to take it easy.

I also mixed up some of the moves in Level 1. Instead of doing pushups, I do the this move where I am on my forearm and kind of in the plank pose.

Then for the chest flies, I also do some ab work in it and raise my legs and lower, just to mix it up a bit and give me a different kind of workout.

I can see a difference in my abs...but then I still have this layer of fat over it and I need to work that off....thats how come I am now adding some cardio in there. Its low impact, keeps my heart rate in the fat burning zone to get rid of this fat! Excited to take pics in 4 days!

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Mic's Weight Loss Journey said...

I wish I had Demand to check out this walking thing you girls are doing! I have a Billy's Bootcamp Cardio DVD but I don't feel like adding in another intense work out. Good job Melissa! You inspire me to keep going =) And like I posted in our group, to do more! I just might add in Level One and I still am going to look for other DVD's and definitely do what we plan to after we're done with the shred.

I mix the workouts up a little bit to feel like there's more of a work out cos sometimes I just don't feel it. Like, how you feel everything in the punches in Level One... I don't at all! So I hold my arms up 90* and just cross side to side instead of punching out. I feel it everywhere better that way!

Lets bring on the week and kick Monday's booty!