Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 14, 30 Day Shred

Day 14 which is Day 4 Level 2.

Yesterday after my workout...I have to admit I passed out. I took a nap while my daughter played beside me and my youngest took a nap. I felt BEAT! I made it through my workout, but I was whipped out. I didn't drink my protein shake, and after some reading last night, I think that also was the reason I was so insanely tired. There are times when your body needs rest to recuperate, and food. After intense workouts, it needs food, but if it doesn't get it, then it makes you sleep. Since I wasn't aware of this at the time, it made me sleep.

Though aside from that, I have noticed I just do not have a ton of energy. I do all I am supposed to. I drink water, I eat healthy, I exercise, I get sleep at night, I take my vitamins, yet I feel so exhausted! Well, it dawned on me, and I am not sure why I never keep up with this, but I am borderline anemic. Some days I am actually mildly anemic and I should be taking iron pills. They have been prescribed to me several times, yet I always forget to take them.

Well I know that having low iron can cause you to have low energy, so I decided to go out and buy some iron pills to take in the mornings with all my other vitamins. And I am not 100% what it was, but today I had more stamina, I was more awake, I felt better and wasn't as tired as usual.

So I put on Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred, and if you read my post yesterday, you know how I am with it. So I made sure I grabbed my big cup of water and began to workout. I noticed something, I wasnt having to gulp down the water between sets like I have been because I felt ok! So I completed Level 2 and was like..I could go some more, and I turned on Level 1 and did that too! Yes.....yesterday I could barely make it though Level 2 alone and today I did them BOTH! I feel great!

I used my HR monitor and after the two workouts I was at 683 calories burned, and after the 5 minute cool off, I was at 817. Not a bad way to start the day!

I then made sure I enjoyed my protein shake (I use Jillian Michaels' Whey Protein Mix, triple chocolate mixed with a cup of skim milk and a banana. Great post workout muscle repairing food! Guess who also didn't crave a nap afterward?

So here I am so far.

Day 1 (L1)-140lbs no weights
Day 2 (L1)-added my 2lb weights
Day 3-10 (L1)-Still using 2lb weights, feel my strength increasing. weight 138 (though Day 7 I was at 137)
Day 11(L2)-Start Level 2 Cals burned 400 and something cals (cant find where I wrote it down)
Day 12-13(L2)-Felt like I was going to die!
Day 14(L2&L1)-Feel great and did Level 2 followed by Level 1. Hello energy!

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Mic's Weight Loss Journey said...

I didn't feel the boost of energy you did to go ahead and do Level One too but today I did feel my endurance change, and I didn't have to drink as much water as I have the past couple days! (And related to your last blog post, I never had to drink through out Level One either!) Like you keep saying, it feels great! Hopefully your energy stays up since you're getting your iron under control =)