Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 18, 30 Day Shred

Another great workout! Like most mornings, I have to talk myself into just getting it done. When I started off Level 2 I was thinking...."there is no way I can do level 1 after this today." but the time came and I was warmed up and felt great and put on level 1. Then the thought came..."I dont think I'll be able to do the walk today." but the time came and I put it on demand and I finished strong!

I can feel my strength and endurance changing and increasing and it is motivating me beyond belief! I have stuck with this this long and it is a first and I have to say, I am very proud of myself.

The old me is standing farther behind and this stronger, healthier and more defined me is starting to emerge and I am happy to see her.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while doing my sets today and was surprised how strong my arms look, how thin my waist is looking and how tall I am standing.

I noticed a couple of the exercises that used to be very hard for me to complete I can do so much easier now. They are still a challenge but I am getting through them so much easier.

When I do the squats I can feel my thigh muscle now..they are getting easier and my legs feel strong.

I did the walk today after also, but my little baby wanted to help mommy exercise so I picked her up for extra weight...17lbs extra haha. She had fun and gave me more of a workout. I wore my ankle weights again today, I can feel a huge difference when I wear them.

I am thinking I might start wearing them during the shred. Like day on and day off....woo, I feel the burn already!

2 more days and its picture time!

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Mic's Weight Loss Journey said...

You go girl! I would not be able to wear ankle weights during the shred. But I may have to grab some for when I go for walks and such =) I also want a pair of those shoes. Can't think of them but you know, cos I think you have a pair. But anyway! Two more days! WOO HOO.